Building an Accessible Internet: Are You Truly Reaching All of Your Customers?

25 Jun 2020

Even people with the best of intentions may overlook simple accessibility issues on their business website. If you haven’t been educated about the diverse accessibility needs for people when navigating the internet, it might be all too easy to think that a user-friendly, intuitive experience for one person means the same positive experience for another.

How can you guarantee that your website is accessible in a time when that’s critical to the success of your brand?

With TruAbilities Compliance Solutions, it’s easy.

In 2015, Ryan Christiansen and Vikas Khorana founded Ntooititve, a digital marketing and technology business. They had a client who was served notice that their website was not ADA-compliant, and the resource-intensive process to bring the site into compliance was a moment of epiphany for them: it shouldn’t be so difficult for small business owners to facilitate ADA online accessibility. 

There had to be a better solution than spending thousands of dollars and resource hours on updating websites to make them ADA accessible.

This experience inspired them to create TruAbilities—a next-generation digital solution that makes digital accessibility quick, secure, and simple.

TruAbilities Offers Next-Generation Accessibility Tech for All

The TruAbilities platform includes a full range of assistive technology and tools that will deliver accessibility to the visitors who need it. The widget is purpose-built to facilitate accessibility for a range of users with various needs.

TruAbilities offers functionality and support for:

  • Visual and Motor Impairment
  • Sensitivity to Motion, Light, and Sound
  • Language Accessibility and Translation

This is all done with one of the simplest integrations available today—just a single line of script needs to be copied and pasted into your website code to activate the widget and ensure total accessibility for all users.  

The widget offers magnified text and images, translation, rendering, and a keyboard navigation option that allows users to navigate the entire website through their physical keyboard. 

Plus, there are dozens of other features and functionalities included, and all with zero impact on load times, for a total solution that won’t drag your website down.

A Closer Look: The Features

You can choose a standard package that includes all the best features of TruAbilities for total compliance and user assistance or customize a solution that works for you. Either way, you’ll have access to a host of functions and features to increase accessibility on a variety of levels:

  • Physical keyboard navigation option
  • Text and image magnification
  • Color correction, including gray scaling, text and background color modifications, color inversion, and title color modification options
  • Text, image, and word spacing functions
  • Link underlining for easy identification of links
  • Stop animation function to pause animations and moving content on the website
  • Page read feature that will offer an audio rendering of the site content
  • Reading line to follow along as users read the content on the website
  • Alt tag generator to identify tags that don’t render
  • Page structure function that allows users to see the content structure overall
  • Legible fonts option ensures all fonts are safe for the web and legible for all users

We can even help by providing a full audit of your website for accessibility compliance, ensuring that you find the solution that meets your needs and resolves all your accessibility issues. Special integrations are available by request, as well, giving you the peace of mind that you’ll be leading your industry with accessibility when you choose the TruAbilities tool.

Accessibility is Good Business

Accessibility is about more than following the law—it’s about giving everyone the opportunity to transact with your company online. And that’s good business.