As digital content changes frequently, the User is to understand that certain limitations of the accessibility widget exist. They are outlined below, and will be amended over time as technological enhancements are made to the digital ecosystem and to the tool itself.

FeaturesShort CutsExplanation of FeatureRestraint or Limitations
Text SpacingN/AIncrease or decrease spacing between text components.Only restraint to visuals*, no limitations.
Text SizeAlt + OScale controls for website text size.Only restraint to visuals*, no limitations.
Legible FontsAlt + FModifies fonts to websafe and legible font styles.No limitations.
Reading LineAlt + RClearly visible line that assists with reading website content.No limitations.
Underline LinkAlt + UApplies an underline styling to all page links.No limitations.
Highlight LinksAlt + YApplies a highlight styling to all page links.No limitations.
Text MagnifierAlt + MProvides a pop-up with enlarged text for easier reading.No limitations.
Content ScalingAlt + ZScales all content incrementally on the website.Only restraint to visuals*, no limitations.
Word SpacingAlt + WIncrease or decrease space between each word.Only restraint to visuals*, no limitations.
Text ColorsAlt + NAllows user controls of website text color schemes.Only selected colors are given.
Title ColorsAlt + NChange color scheme for title content only.Only selected colors are given.
Background ColorsAlt + BModifies the overall background color of the website.Only selected colors are given.
Align TextAlt + JAllows the user to justify website content either left, center, and right.No limitations.
Dark ContrastN/ATurns all the backgrounds colors to dark to make the fonts more visible.No limitations.
Light ContrastN/ATurns dark backgrounds to light mode.No limitations.
High ContrastN/AIncreases the visibility of all text and images by increasing the contrast.No limitations.
High SaturationN/AIncreases the saturation of the color for images and texts.No limitations.
Invert ColorAlt + IInverts current colors display on the webpage.Invert color or Grayscale cannot be applied at once, this is a technical limitation.
GrayscaleALT + GRemoves color hues to show grayscale saturation of page content.Invert color or Grayscale cannot be applied at once, this is a technical limitation.
Stop AnimationN/APauses all CSS & JavaScript animated components on-site.It could only stop the CSS and JavaScript animation, not any other moving objects on the page e.g. videos or SVG animations.
Hide ImagesALT + HHides all image formats on the website.No limitations.
Images ListAlt + LProvides a list of images with descriptions and alt tags information.No limitations.
Generate AltAlt + ASee all alt tags for website components that do not render.It will generate the respective human readable alternate tags for all those images based on the image name. If any image on the website has the name like no-image.png then it will generate the Alt tag as “No Image".
Page ReadALT + EProvides audio narrative of the site content.It depends upon the quality of HTML on the webpage, that is what determines how well the read page feature would work.
An HTML standard is required, we have traversed through HTML child element and parents on that process, this feature may not work well on moving or auto-scrolling objects on webpge.
PitchN/AEnables you to increase the pitch rate of our voice enabled assistant.No limitations.
CursorALT + CIncrease your cursor size while on site.No limitations.
KeyboardALT + KUse your physical keyboard to navigate website components.It depends upon the HTML of the host page, how well it will read may vary page to page. this is a replica of page read.
Header StructureN/ALists all the headings of the webpage in front of you to navigate easily.No limitations.
Link StructureN/ALists all the links of the webpage in front of you to navigate easily.No limitations.

[*] → Here ‘visual’ represents the limit of the feature till which it does not turns into a meaningless use. e.g. increasing the font size or spacing to a huge scale does not give the user a meaningful way for reading, so there is an lower an upper limit set which is at larger scale.

Browser support

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Edge
  • Internet Explorer – To some extent.

Page Readers Tested

  • NVDA
  • JAWS

Note: Not all version of the readers has been tested as this is an ongoing process that we are actively involved.