Accessible Display™️

When we hear ADA, we all think about ensuring those with disabilities can access our establishments. We imagine wheelchair ramps, rails, elevators.

But ADA no longer applies to only brick and mortar practices. It is now part of our digital landscape how we deliver our services and products to our customers online.

Accessible advertising is the final frontier.

A $700B Opportunity

Even in the face of reduced Q1/Q2 ad spend because of the Covid-19 pandemic, eMarketer expects total global ad spend to reach nearly $700B in 2020.

And yet, most digital ad budgets fail to account for the more than 60M Americans who navigate the web with some kind of disability.

TruAbilities makes advertising accessible.

With an in-ad menu as robust as its onsite ADA widget, TruAbilities Accessible Display allows people who are served the creative to toggle a number of different settings, including:

  • Enlarging text and imagery
  • Reducing motion in the creative
  • Reading the ad creative to them aloud
  • Modifying the color set to accommodate sensitivities
  • And more