Accessibility Should Be Like Electricity: Making digital access the norm

21 Jul 2020

More than 140 years ago, electricity revolutionized how people were able to make use of their time after dark, mechanize manual processes, communicate over long distances, and more. Today, we in the United States give it hardly a thought — flipping on a light switch or using household appliances with hardly an afterthought. 

In the digital age, accessibility should be like electricity — a modern experience that is the norm, not the exception.

If you’ve been putting off upgrading or checking on your accessibility features, or if you don’t know where your current website stands in this regard, it’s time to make a change. That change starts with incorporating the right solutions for total website accessibility—all users, all platforms, all devices—everyone should have the same seamless, positive experience on your website at all times.


Simplicity in Development

There is a lot more to creating a website than just adding content, images, and choosing a user-friendly layout. 

In fact, even those with the best of intentions often overlook one big part of creating a website that could cost them a lot of business: accessibility. When done correctly, this isn’t something that you have to force or remember to adapt at a later date—it can be integrated from the ground up, giving your visitors a website that they can depend on just like electricity. They may not always see it, but it’s always there to ensure that they can get what they need regardless of their challenges.

The TruAbilities widget can be added to any website with a single line of code. It really doesn’t get much simpler than that. While many developers and companies are creating bulky accessibility solutions and tools that take up a ton of code or require a lengthy and complex installation process, this widget is as easy to integrate as a special company logo or slogan. If you can copy and paste, you can install the TruAbilities platform and enjoy instant accessibility in every capacity.

Once the widget code has been added to your website, the widget will display automatically for users on the page, and can be minimized if visitors so choose. It’s truly “ready to use” right out of the gate, giving you a piece of technology that’s going to revolutionize the way your website serves the needs of its visitors without having to wait months to see results.

ADA and Web Accessibility Standards – always evolving

The TruAbilities widget was designed according to best practices with web accessibility standards such as WCAG 2.1, meant to provide every website visitor with the tools and assistive features that they need to get more out of browsing on your website. The guidelines in place for website accessibility are extensive, meant to serve as both regulation and inspiration for addressing the needs of your website visitors.

Ready-to-Use Accessibility Features

TruAbilities is a popular choice for businesses across industries and sizes because of our patent-pending, “plug and play” solution. You can simply visit the TruAbilities website, choose the solution that works for you, grab the code, and have an accessible website in less than 10 minutes. The widget comes in a variety of packages with numerous features offered at each pageview volume pricing level.

The accessibility features included in this widget cover everything from basic image rendering and text size to language translation, color correction, and more. Once you paste the code and have the widget on your site, users will be able to make any number of adjustments or modifications to assist their browsing, including:

  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Enlarged Text, Images, Cursors, and More
  • Grayscale, Color Inversion, Background and Text Color User Customization
  • Image List
  • Page Read That Reads Website Content to Users
  • Image Hide Feature

And many more.


TruAbilities Connects You with All Site Visitors

An accessibility upgrade can dramatically change the way you do business. It will not only empower your users, but improve your website and increase your brand authority.  The spending power of users who have some kind of disability or special assistive requirement for browsing websites is around $500 billion, which means that your business is missing out on a huge potential market if its accessibility features aren’t on point.

Contact us now to find out how our easy-to-use tools can give your website visitors the online experience they deserve.